Sophia the Black Cat and a Butterfly Who Lost Its Color:“Oh Dear, How Wonderful Life Would Be If You are Still in My Dreams”

2:23 PM

Lately Sophia, the little black cat feels really lonely. She used to have a friend, a loyal and cheerful butterfly who’s always colored her days. Even when she sleeps, Sophia always dream about this beautiful butterfly, her friend, a loyal and cheerful friend. But there’s this really weird week where Sophia stop to dream about it. She’s not dreaming about chasing this colorful butterfly anymore. She stop dreaming about running around that beautiful and widely open yard, with those vast green grass, yellow daisies, and white dandelions under the great blue sky. Sophia stop dreaming about feeling really exhausted from run and chasing around yet very happy. And that’s why she stops smiling in her sleeps too, because she didn’t having those happy dreams of chasing her loyal and cheerful butterfly again.

Sophia wonder, why her beautiful dreams stop coming in her sleeps. She can’t understand, for all these years she always have those dreams, those pleasant dreams. “This is not right,” Sophia said. With losing her dreams, Sophia gets really confused. Then she spend a little time for think, she even pass the nap time and eat time which she really love. “Okay, I think I have to meet the butterfly to see how I feel about it. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time with it so I don’t dream about it anymore, yes maybe that’s why,” Sophia said to herself. And off she goes to meet the butterfly.

When she gets to see the butterfly, Sophia is really shocked. The butterfly lose its color, it used to have so many color, now it only have one color, grey. And the butterfly doesn’t fly cheerfully anymore, it even barely flies anymore, it just sits on a leaf in a big maple tree. “Oh, yeah.. I remembered that butterfly, I see it all the time, I didn’t think it was the same butterfly as my butterfly friend. It change, it doesn’t really colorful and cheerful anymore, it lost it beauty. Maybe that’s why it stops coming in my dream, yeah maybe that’s why,” Sophia said in her mind. Then Sophia goes home with aching and broken heart.

“Sophie…..” called her master to Sophia the black cat. Sophia run toward her with empty stomach and tears in her eyes, “miauw…” she said. Her master groom Sophia really tender, then she feed her with her favorite meals. Sophia eat them instantly, but there’s this slightly bitter taste in her meals, “ah, maybe it isn’t this bitter, maybe I feel bitter in my heart, it’s not the meal, it’s me, just me,” Sophia thinks. “How’s the meals Sophie? Its good isn’t? I’m sorry maybe it’s a little bitter, but it’s for your own good. The doctor said if you eat the medicine properly then you can see in color again. Geez, I can’t imagine how you feel seeing the world without color since you’re born,” her master said to Sophia.

“Miauw…” Sophia said and smiles, without understanding any word her master said. Then she goes taking her nap. With full stomach, she feels a little better. But Sophia knows, she will never dream about the colorful butterfly again. “It’s a shame it lost it color, before it was the only thing that had color in this world, it a big lost,” Sophia think in her mind. Then she falls asleep.***

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