odd thought

1:35 PM

Even though it's just four letter words, its not that simple at all.

First, its complicated enough to understand what it is. But more than that, it's very hard to know whether you're in it or not. Because you never know what its like. Or even when you think you are, maybe you're not. I've been thinking and quite sure that i was in it. But that feeling didn't lasted forever. Though i still remember how i feel back then, but that didn't mean that i still feel it. it just how human brains works, memory.

Many movies describes it like its worth dying for. another, make it look like people on drugs, all candy in the sky. Well, i never been in both. In fact its a little bit of both. Some kinda bitter sweet. It's never been easy, i mean its easy at first, but as time flies by it's getting harder, and harder, and harder.

But i just realize, maybe its never has easy, or in fact maybe it will never be. you know, just like Mozart and the Whale, or Clementine and Joel, or Rachel and Ross.

so, am i in it? or did i catch it?

I believe there's some chance that  i am in both.
But that also mean there's possibility that I'm not either.

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