i live in a bubble that i made for myself

7:34 PM

and i hope it's strong enough....

Being away from family (and your past) can be both liberating and yet make you feel alienated.

"I wanna be free, i wanna be free, i wanna be free," i know that's not exactly the words you said back then. But honestly, it's all that i can hear. And it annoyed me. You make me feel like sh*tt when you talk like that. When you wanna be free, from everything around you. Everything you knew. And everything that hurts you. Including me.

And here I am, doing the same thing like you do, years after. And, believe me, I annoyed people myself.

Pissed off by the fact that I am repeating your stupid story, dear friend, i came with a different coping method. I designed a bubble. It fits, it's clear so i can still see through, it's not too tight, and it's comfortable. I made it my own throughout these past years.

And last night, i just realize, i hope this bubble gonna be strong enough. To contain all the pressure from inside and out. The thing is, as i grow older, i might wanna add something inside. And as i grow wiser, i might have to let people see my bubble. But this wont be happening any soon.

But the more i pretend i don't have it, the more i can feel it. How i felt disconnected with everything outside. Can you hear me? Hello?

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