the easy way around

9:19 PM

i remember one time, my mom said "why you always pick the hard way?"

she meant, i chose journalism instead of human relations program in college. choosing to be a journalist instead of working in a bank or PNS. work and life in the big city alone instead of stay at home. choosing a nice boyfriend instead of the rich one. choosing to be honest and never take bribe instead of taking them. and so on.

she doesn't get me at all.

if she does, she will understand that i always choose the easy way around. i could take science and burn my head out at the most prestigious college in bandung, coz i know i can. i could be a REAL journalist (those who write REALLY important stuff like politics, economy, or war) but i choose to write about music, movies, and small stuff instead. i could live abroad (with no money) really pursue my dream to live in the country of dorama. i could chose a foreign boyfriend with different religion and culture? i never took bribe coz i dont want to waste my time to return their favor. i always choose the easy way. this is it, its easy for me. coz i cant see my life more easier than this.

coz when it gets too easy, I'll force myself to do something else.
and its easy to decide that.

*but about this one, and that one thing. i cant ever decide.

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