Stop the Love Talk

3:22 PM

Yeah, you' re the saddest story a girl can tell
Being away from the one you love feels like hell
Feelt like there's no miracle or spell
You keep babbling how lonely life can be
But it was really you living in a bubble
And it was you, that distance yourself from the other
You're the saddest song a girl could sing
Saying everything is good and that bee will not sting
Doing anything you could and pretend that he's your most precious thing
You keep saying to distance yourself from hate
But the thing is, that's what you really make
And it's only you who think being hate us just fate
Let's just stop pretending
You're just being extra demanding
No, life's not good and has no happy ending
Open your heart and start accepting
Oh, let's just stop the love talking
It start to feels irritating
Love is not a bad guitar who needs tuning
Stop rap it out and just do some loving
*it's sucks to have lyrics without the melody.

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