constantly exhausted

12:50 AM

on an exhausted fields, only weeds grow.

I can't remember the past

I mean the good past

Our past, past

I can't look in your eyes

I don't see you

I don't see me, anymore

I can't write about you

I lost words

I don't feel it anymore

I can't say I'm angry

This time I'm not

I can't say I'm sorry, I've said it before

I can't be my old self

She's gone

In front of you is just what is left of her

I can't stand the fact that I'm hurting you

But when I'm not 
It feels like I'm hurting me

I can't pretend that I'm okay, because I'm not

I'm tired of waiting around

For something to be better

I can't push you

I can't make you

I don't want to

It's exhausting to be constantly exhausted.

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