deep down, nobody’s fine

1:23 AM

Non-recyclable waste.

Those almost midnight ride in the dark
Yellow glare from the streetlights
Unexpected traffic jam
Radiohead play on low tone
Your lucid presence that I inhale
My blurry imagination that you partake

Vast ocean with no crashing waves
Same spot different times
Sharing same lies under the sky
Deep talks with no ends
Overused and overrated sentences
Spoken too soon and yet too late

“It will be a long road,” you said.
“It will end sometimes soon,” I said.
“Nothing is impossible,” you said.
“I don’t even know what I want,” I said.
We don’t even know what it means

Wasting around borrowed times
Make believe like it was going to last
Throwing away “I wish” and “if only”
Laughing at all that heartbreak caused by others
Secretly licking each other wounds
Just to create a bigger one, deeper one

From nothing, to something
Once, we pretend like it was everything
And then back to nothing
Nothing at all, in the end
Just like the way it should be
You’re good and I’m okay

But deep down, nobody’s fine

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