Oh Darling, I Am Not A Complimentary

11:41 AM

To whom it may concern,

I want to sincerely give you my gratitude. Thank you for making me feel like unappreciated piece of cookie alongside your coffee latte. Thank you for making me feel smaller than I already am. Thank you for considering that I deserve less. Thank you for deciding to show me lack of respect. Thank you for making me feel worthless. Thank you for making me feel cast aside. Thank you for picking me up and tossed me out like a disposal camera. And last but not least, thank you for treating me like a germ.

Now I realize more than ever that I am not a complimentary. That I am bigger than what I always thought. That I deserve more. I know for sure that I have to respect myself more. I'm aware that I am worth fighting for. I know that I should not only to be wanted but also needed. I believe that I am without doubt, important to keep. And I finally realize that my presence is so irritatingly infectious it scares people with low immune away.

Best regards,

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