God, I Need a Man

9:03 AM

God, I need a man

Who wear their heart on their sleeves, wear a flannel and failed to cover it
Who is willing to make an effort

Who can see their worse reflection in a woman’s eyes and embrace it
Who is man enough to admit defeat

Who is brave enough to love flawed ones
Who stays

Who never made a promise so they wouldn’t have to lie
Who have no hidden agenda

Who cry in secret when no one’s around, missing his loved one
Who loves proudly and publicly

Who sing his loved ones a love song
Who openly speak up his mind and feeling

Who kiss their mom on the cheek
Who hold his loved ones hands when crossing the street

Who believe that a woman is strong enough to live without them
Who stays beside them by choice

Who always choose his loved ones side even when they’re wrong
Who explain patiently

Who have a hug that feels like home
Who is wise enough to forgive without being asked

Who is been hurt
Who never want to see pain in his loved ones nights

Who hate to say sorry and try their best to never have a reason to say it
Who will end up saying it anyway

Who have huge expectations towards human kind
Who have faith in You

Who can see the stars within his loved ones soul
Even when all that they can see are pain and sorrow

And if you had some of those man out there, please let them meet my friends. I think they have waited long enough. Long enough they start to believe that love isn’t made for them. Long enough they start to blame their self. Long enough they start to think that they don’t deserve a love that worth a lifetime. Long enough they start to think that you forget about them. Don’t You think it’s time? Because deep in my heart, I know that kind of man exist.


The friend.

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