Mister Sunshine

2:12 PM

I'd rather walking under the pouring rain, I always hate the sun. Sun makes me feel itchy, the sun makes me sweat, it makes me smells like burning. So, from that day on, I declare myself hating the sun. I just can’t understands, why is he so bright and so proud? What is it that makes him do so? Why it looks likes laughing at me all the time? I hate a bright day. I miss the cloud and its pouring rain.

It always had its way to make my day feels like hell. So, it is better for me to just stay at my room, waiting for the dark cloud to come play with its pouring rain. I love to stay in my room, far away from the sun’s heat. So, I’m sweat-free. Until that one day.

I met this not so-common boy. He asked me to go play outside. Of course I refused his offer, it’s burning outside. But he just smiled at me, holding a soccer ball on his right hand and he laid his other hand to me. He had a quite dark skin, his t-shirt covered with sweat, but he smiled happily. I take his hand, and we play outside. It’s bright as I imagined, but I never imagined enjoying it that much.

He’s a happy boy, I’m sure he’ll go to be Mister Sunshine when he grows up. And he’ll come by to my room window and ask me to play. Maybe that time, the sun won’t be as hot as that day. So, if you ask me what am I doing today? I am waiting for my Mister Sunshine.

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